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Reversible chain transfer between organoyttrium cations and aluminum: synthesis of aluminum-terminated polyethylene with extremely narrow molecular-weight distribution.
Aminopyridinato-ligand-stabilized organoyttrium cations are accessible in very good yield through alkane elimination from trialkyl yttrium complexes with sterically demanding aminopyridines, followedExpand
Cycloaddition reactions of a chromium-chromium quintuple bond.
Bonds with unusually high bond orders have fascinated chemists for nearly half a century. Molecules that have bond orders higher than four have been known for decades. They can be found in transientExpand
Quintuple bond reactivity toward group 16 and 17 elements: addition vs insertion.
The low valent, coordinatively unsaturated, and formally quintuply bonded bimetallic aminopyridinato chromium complex 1 was investigated regarding its reactivity toward group 16 and 17 elements.Expand
2-Aminopyridinate Titanium Complexes for the Catalytic Hydroamination of Primary Aminoalkenes
A series of mono(2-aminopyridinato)tris(dimethylamido) titanium complexes, ApTi(NMe2)3 (where Ap = 2-aminopyridinato), have been prepared via protonolysis, and their reactivity for the hydroaminationExpand
CO2 and SO2 activation by a Cr-Cr quintuple bond.
A quintuply bonded dichromium complex stabilized by aminopyridinato ligands activates CO2 and SO2 by reducing the (formal) bond order of the metal-metal bonds. Oxygen abstraction is observed duringExpand
Small Steric Variations in Ligands with Large Synthetic and Structural Consequences
The reaction of ytterbium metal with the aminopyridines2,6-(diisopropylphenyl)-[6-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)pyridin-2-yl]amine (1, Ap'H) andExpand
Intramolecular C–H Bond Activation by Lanthanoid Complexes Bearing a Bulky Aminopyridinato Ligand
The present work is aimed towards the synthesis of C-H activation products of various group 3 and lanthanoid metals bearing a bulky aminopyridinato ligand,Expand
Lanthanum dibromide complexes of sterically demanding aminopyridinato and amidinate ligands
It is report on synthesis and structure of Ap*LaBr2(THF)(3) and Am*LaBr2(THF)(3) (Ap*-H = {(2,6-diisopropyl-phenyl)-[6-(2,4,6-triisopropyl-phenyl)-pyridin-2-yl]-amine 1, Am*-H =Expand
Attempted Reduction of Divalent Rare Earth Iodo Aminopyridinates
Rare examples of amido-iodo complexes of selected divalent lanthanides can be synthesized by using deprotonated Ap*H {Ap*H = 2,6-diisopropylphenyl)-[6-(2,4,6-triisopropylphenyl)-pyridin-2-yl]-amine}Expand
Mono-guanidinate complexes of scandium and lanthanum: Solvated alkali metal halides versus size of lanthanide
Abstract The reaction of lithium guanidinate, Li[Pri2NC(NAr)2] (1, Ar = 2,6-diisopropylphenyl) with [ScCl3] at 80 °C for eight days and [LaBr3] at 50 °C overnight, in THF yields the mono-guanidinateExpand