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Part of the work of a critical care nurse is to manage the threats that arise that could impede efficient and effective job performance. Nurses manage threats by employing various strategies to keep performance high and workload manageable. We investigated strategic threat management by using the Threat-Strategy Interview. Threats frequently involved(More)
Operators in dynamic work environments use strategies to manage threats in order to achieve task goals. We introduce a structured interview method, the Threat-Strategy Interview (TSI), and an accompanying qualitative analysis to induce operator-level threats, strategies, and the cues that give rise to them. The TSI can be used to elicit knowledge from(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective was to explore the value of considering the number of tasks that use a piece of information when calculating the relevance information has to an operator. BACKGROUND Whereas frequency and criticality of information are often identified as information attributes, the number of tasks that use the information is rarely considered. (More)
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