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Structural information (such as layout and look-and-feel) has been extensively used in the literatuce for extraction of interesting or relevant data, efficient storage, and query optimization. Traditionally, tree models (such as DOM trees) have been used to represent structural information, especially in the case of HTML and XML documents. However,(More)
This paper introduces <i>generalised disjunctive association rules</i> such as "People who buy bread also buy butter jam", and "People who buy <b>either</b> raincoats <b>or</b> umbrellas also buy flashlights". A <i>generalised disjunctive association rule</i> allows the disjunction of conjuncts, "People who buy jackets also buy bow ties <b>or</b> neckties(More)
This paper proposes an algorithm to hierarchically cluster documents. Each cluster is actually a cluster of documents and an associated cluster of words, thus a document-word co-cluster. Note that, the vector model for documents creates the document-word matrix, of which every co-cluster is a submatrix. One would intuitively expect a submatrix made up of(More)
Advances in studies of microRNA (miRNA) expression and function in smooth muscles illustrate important effects of small noncoding RNAs on cell proliferation, hypertrophy and differentiation. An emerging theme in miRNA research in a variety of cell types including smooth muscles is that miRNAs regulate protein expression networks to fine tune phenotype. Some(More)
Therapies that exploit RNA interference (RNAi) hold great potential for improving disease outcomes. However, there are several challenges that limit the application of RNAi therapeutics. One of the most important challenges is effective delivery of oligonucleotides to target cells and reduced delivery to non-target cells. We have previously developed a(More)
Estrogen receptor (ER) binds to a spectrum of functional estrogen response elements (ERE) within the human genome, including ERE half-sites (HERE), inverted and direct repeats. This has been confounding, because ER has been reported to bind weakly, if at all, to these sites in vitro. We show that ER binds strongly to these nonconventional EREs, and the(More)
During normal lung development and in lung diseases structural cells in the lungs adapt to permit changes in lung function. Fibroblasts, myofibroblasts, smooth muscle, epithelial cells, and various progenitor cells can all undergo phenotypic modulation. In the pulmonary vasculature occlusive vascular lesions that occur in severe pulmonary arterial(More)
High mobility group protein 1 (HMGB1) interacts with DNA and chromatin to influence the regulation of transcription, DNA repair and recombination. We show that HMGB1 alters the structure and stability of the canonical nucleosome (N) in a nonenzymatic, ATP-independent manner. Although estrogen receptor (ER) does not bind to its consensus estrogen response(More)
Nearly two decades of research in the area of Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) have seen steady progress in clarifying its theoretical foundations and regular demonstrations of its applicability to complex problems in very diverse domains. These results are necessary, but not sufficient, for ILP to be adopted as a tool for data analysis in an era of very(More)