Sachin Vasant

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We use cryptographic techniques to study zone enumeration in DNSSEC. DNSSEC is designed to prevent attackers from tampering with domain name system (DNS) messages. The cryptographic machinery used in DNSSEC, however, also creates a new vulnerability, zone enumeration, enabling an adversary to use a small number of online DNSSEC queries combined with offline(More)
Signcryption is a cryptographic protocol that provides authentication and confidentiality as a single primitive at a cost lower than the combined cost of sign and encryption. Due to the improved efficiency, signcryption schemes have found significant applications in areas related to E-commerce. Shor’s algorithm [22] poses a threat to number-theoretic(More)
Distributed computing often involves a set of n processes arriving at a consensus/agreement on some bit v, in a de-centralized fashion. The problem is particularly interesting in the presence of Byzantine failures, i.e., an adversary may adaptively corrupt upto t among these n processes and cause them to behave arbitrarily in the consensus protocol. To(More)
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