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Previous studies on mitochondrial DNA analysis of sheep from different regions of the world have revealed the presence of two major- A and B, and three minor- C, D and E maternal lineages. Lineage A is more frequent in Asia and lineage B is more abundant in regions other than Asia. We have analyzed mitochondrial DNA sequences of 330 sheep from 12 different(More)
Data mining, which aims at extracting interesting information from large collections of data, has been widely used as an effective decision making tool. Mining the datasets in the presence of context factors may improve performance and efficacy of data mining by identifying the unknown factors, which are not easily detectable in the process of generating an(More)
Ubiquitous computing refers to building a global computing environment where seamless and invisible access to computing resources is provided to the user. Pervasive computing deals with acquiring context knowledge from the environment and providing dynamic, proactive and context-aware services to the user. A Ubiquitous computing environment is created by(More)
— One of the main problem in biomedical data processing like electrocardiography is the separation of the wanted signal from noises caused by power line interference, external electromagnetic fields and random body movements and respiration. Different types of digital filters are used to remove signal components from unwanted frequency ranges. It is(More)
This paper deals with two warehouse inventory model of determining the optimal replenishment policy for non-instantaneous deteriorating items partial backlogging and stock-dependent demand. In the model, shortages are allowed and the backlogging rate is variable and dependent on the waiting time for the next replenishment. The necessary and sufficient(More)
OBJECTIVE Chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH) recurs after surgical evacuation in 5-30% of patients. Inserting subdural drain might reduce the recurrence rate, but is not commonly practiced. There are few prospective studies to evaluate the effect of subdural drains. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective randomized study to investigate the effect of subdural(More)
—Electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the most important parameters for heart activity monitoring. The main objective of digital signal processing of ECG signal is to deliver accurate, fast and reliable estimation of clinically important parameters such as the duration of the QRS complex, the R-R interval, the occurrence, amplitude and duration of the P, R,(More)