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In this paper, we investigate the impact of antenna orientation on the performance of wireless sensor networks. In the experiments conducted using Crossbow MicaZ motes we realized that the antenna orientation has a significant impact on the received signal strength (RSSI). It thus becomes important to incorporate the effects on RSSI due to variations in(More)
Host virtualization allows data centers to live migrate an entire Virtual Machine (VM) to support data center maintenance and workload balancing. Live VM Migration can consume nearly the entire bandwidth which impacts the performance of competing flows in the network. Knowing the cost of VM Migration propels data center admins to intelligently reserve(More)
One of the most challenging network security concerns for network administrators is the presence of rogue access points. Rogue access points, if undetected, can be an open door to sensitive information on the network. Many data raiders have taken advantage of the undetected rogue access points in enterprises to not only get free Internet access, but also to(More)
While wireless sensor networks are proving to be a versatile tool, many of the applications in which they are implemented have sensitive data. In other words, security is crucial in many of these applications. Once a sensor node has been compromised, the security of the network degrades quickly if there are not measures taken to deal with this event. There(More)
—One of the most challenging security concerns for network administrators is the presence of rogue access points. In this paper, we propose a statistical based approach to detect rogue access points using a Hidden Markov Model applied to passively measured packet-header data collected at a gateway router. Our approach utilizes variations in packet(More)
A Bayesian network model is a popular technique for data mining due to its intuitive interpretation. This paper presents a semantic genetic algorithm (SGA) to learn a complete qualitative structure of a Bayesian network from a database. SGA builds on recent advances in the field and focuses on the generation of initial population, crossover, and mutation(More)