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OpenFlow is a novel technology designed at Stanford University which aims at decoupling the controller software from the forwarding hardware of a router or switch. The OpenFlow concept is based on the approach that the forwarding information base (FIB) of a switch can be programmed via a controller which resides at a separate hardware. The goal is to(More)
Software Defined Networking is a networking paradigm which allows network operators to manage networking elements using software running on an external server. This is accomplished by a split in the architecture between the forwarding element and the control element. Two technologies which allow this split for packet networks are For CES and Openflow. We(More)
Achieving ever-growing Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for business customers is a major concern over the current Internet. However, presently, its architecture and infrastructures are inflexible to meet the demand of increased QoS requirements. OpenFlow, OF-Config (OpenFlow Configuration and Management protocol), and OVSDB (Open vSwitch Database(More)
Advancement in technology is very well reflected and supported by changes in measurement and control instrumentation. To move to high-speed serial from Parallel bus architectures has become prevalent and among these Ethernet is the most preferred switched Serial bus, which is forward-looking and backward-compatible. Great stride have been made in promoting(More)
Influenza virus surface glycoprotein hemagglutinin (HA) is an excellent and chief target that elicits neutralizing antibodies during vaccination or natural infection. Its HA2 subunit (stem domain) is most conserved as compared to HA1 subunit (globular head domain). Current influenza vaccine relies on globular head domain that provides protection only(More)
OBJECTIVES To detect beta-lactamases (A & B) and extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBLs) in clinical and non-clinical isolates of Yersinia enterocolitica biovar 1A, and to determine their activity in the presence of specific lactamase inhibitors. METHODS The presence of beta-lactamases and ESBLs was detected by disc diffusion in 219 (36 clinical, 183(More)
In OpenFlow, control and data plane are decoupled from switches/routers. Direct programming of routers/switches is realised from one or more servers (so called controllers). In the case of an in-band OpenFlow network, the control traffic (traffic to or from the controllers) is sent on the same channel used to transport data traffic. Therefore, when a(More)
OpenFlow decouples the control plane functionality from switches, and embeds it into one or more servers called controllers. One of the challenges of OpenFlow is to deploy a network where control and data traffic are transmitted on the same channel (in-band mode). Implementing such an in-band mode is complex, since switches have to search and establish a(More)
Software defined Networking (SDN) such as Open-Flow decouples the control plane from forwarding devices and embeds it into one or more external entities called controllers. We implemented a framework in OpenFlow through which business customers receive higher Quality of Service (QoS) than best-effort customers in all conditions (e.g. failure conditions). In(More)