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—Software Defined Networking is a networking paradigm which allows network operators to manage networking elements using software running on an external server. This is accomplished by a split in the architecture between the forwarding element and the control element. Two technologies which allow this split for packet networks are ForCES and Openflow. We(More)
—OpenFlow is a novel technology designed at Stanford University which aims at decoupling the controller software from the forwarding hardware of a router or switch. The OpenFlow concept is based on the approach that the forwarding information base (FIB) of a switch can be programmed via a controller which resides at a separate hardware. The goal is to(More)
—In OpenFlow, control and data plane are decoupled from switches/routers. Direct programming of routers/switches is realised from one or more servers (so called controllers). In the case of an in-band OpenFlow network, the control traffic (traffic to or from the controllers) is sent on the same channel used to transport data traffic. Therefore, when a(More)
Keywords: OFELIA FP7 testbed Software-defined networks Programmable networks OpenFlow Network virtualization Testbed control framework a b s t r a c t The growth of the Internet in terms of number of devices, the number of networks associated to each device and the mobility of devices and users makes the operation and management of the Internet network(More)
Software defined networking (SDN) is a recent architectural framework for networking, which aims at decoupling the network control plane from the physical topology and at having the forwarding element controlled through a uniform vendor-agnostic interface. A well-known implementation of SDN is OpenFlow. The core idea of OpenFlow is to provide direct(More)
—OpenFlow has disruptive potential in designing a flexible network that fosters innovation, reduces complexity, and delivers the right economics. The core idea of OpenFlow is to decouple the control plane functionality from switches, and to embed it into one or more servers called controllers. One of the challenges of OpenFlow is to deploy a network where(More)