Sachin Padmanabhan

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An important issue in understanding the relationship between protein sequence and structure is the degree to which different amino acids favour the formation of particular types of secondary structure. Estimates of the 'helix-forming tendency' of amino acids have been made based on 'host-guest' experiments, in which copolymers are made of the amino acid of(More)
The matching preclusion number of a graph is the minimum number of edges whose deletion results in a graph that has neither perfect matchings nor almost-perfect matchings. For many interconnection networks, the optimal sets are precisely those induced by a single vertex. Recently, the conditional matching preclusion number of a graph was introduced to look(More)
Helix formation in a 17-residue alanine-lysine peptide and analogous peptides with specific lysine --> X substitutions, where X is 2,3-diamino-L-propionic acid, 2, 4-diamino-L-butyric acid or L-ornithine, have been examined using circular dichroism measurements. The dependence of helix content on X, its position in the sequence, and the number of lysine -->(More)
The FCC's proposed net neutrality policy change in 2014 was met with widespread public controversy and outrage. The FCC recently released to the public millions of comments that it received about the issue. It is abundantly clear that the vast majority of citizens prefer to have net neutrality intact, but what exactly are the people saying? What are their(More)
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