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Elastic body splines (EBS) belonging to the family of 3D splines were recently introduced to capture tissue deformations within a physical model-based approach for non-rigid biomedical image registration [1]. EBS model the displacement of points in a 3D homogeneous isotropic elastic body subject to forces. We propose a novel extension of using elastic body(More)
Elastic body splines (EBS) belong to a family of splines introduced for biomedical image registration. EBS models the elastic deformation of a homogeneous isotropic elastic body subjected to external forces. The task of interactive image segmentation is framed as a semi-supervised interpolation where the basis functions are learned using the user provided(More)
Reducing the amount of user driven input for interactive image segmentation enables faster and more precise foreground extraction of objects. A sparse collection of labeled seed points sampled over image regions can be quickly provided by the user using a few mouse clicks. Seed points are used for training an Elastic Body Spline classifier mapping function.(More)
Commonly used drawing tools for interactive image segmentation and labeling include active contours or boundaries, scribbles, rectangles and other shapes. Thin vessel shapes in images of vascular networks are difficult to segment using automatic or interactive methods. This paper introduces the novel use of a sparse set of user-defined seed points(More)
In this paper, the algorithm of I-PD controller is implemented on a microcontroller (Arduino / freeeduino (ATmega 328)) to control the temperature and pressure of a system, since temperature pressure and volume are the three important parameters of any system, by controlling any two of this parameters the third parameter will be automatically controlled,(More)
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