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We introduce a simple data model and API tailored for serving the social graph, and TAO, an implementation of this model. TAO is a geographically distributed data store that provides efficient and timely access to the social graph for Facebook's demanding workload using a fixed set of queries. It is deployed at Facebook, replacing memcache for many data(More)
This paper presents a model for describing inter-organizational collaborations for e-commerce, e-government and e-business applications. The model, referred to as a community model, takes into account internal organizational rules and business policies as typically stated in business contracts that govern cross-collaborations. The model can support the(More)
Over 800 million people around the world share their social interactions with friends on Facebook, providing a rich body of information referred to as the social graph. In this talk, I describe how we model and serve this graph. Our model uses typed nodes (fbobjects) and edges (associations) to express the relationships and actions that happen on Facebook.(More)
In this paper we describe an approach to the modelling of virtual enterprise agreements. An important and ever-present issue in the setup phase of such a virtual enterprise is the virtual enterprise contract. As one of the goals of virtual enterprises is to become operational quickly, the time consumed by the setup phase must be reduced to a minimum. At the(More)
This paper extends our previous research on e-contracts by investigating the problem of deriving business process specifications from business contracts. The aim here is to reduce the risk of behaviour leading to contract violations by encouraging the parties to a contract to follow execution paths that satisfy the policies in the contract. Our current(More)
—This paper describes the exploitation of hierarchical data names to achieve information-utility maximizing data collection in social sensing applications. We describe a novel transport abstraction, called the information funnel. It encapsulates a data collection protocol for social sensing that maximizes a measure of delivered information utility, that is(More)
Wormhole is a publish-subscribe (pub-sub) system developed for use within Facebook's geographically repli-cated datacenters. It is used to reliably replicate changes among several Facebook services including TAO, Graph Search and Memcache. This paper describes the design and implementation of Wormhole as well as the operational challenges of scaling the(More)
In this paper, we propose a <i>p2p</i> network based location search algorithm which can be used to establish connections in Internet Telephony. By using the location search algorithm, the caller can identify the peer it is calling. The algorithm is based upon the concept of <i>gradient search</i> and is applicable upon unstructured networks. It is inspired(More)