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Resource-constrained embedded and mobile devices are becoming increasingly common. Cyber foraging, which allows such devices to offload computation to less resource-constrained surrogate machines, enables new and interesting applications for these devices. In this paper we describe a surrogate infrastructure based on virtual machine technology that allows(More)
DNA looping mediated by the Lac repressor is an archetypal test case for modeling protein and DNA flexibility. Understanding looping is fundamental to quantitative descriptions of gene expression. Systematic analysis of LacI•DNA looping was carried out using a landscape of DNA constructs with lac operators bracketing an A-tract bend, produced by varying(More)
We are building a wide area surrogate computing platform , called WASCo, that allows users to dynamically locate, allocate, and exploit resources on surrogate computers spread around the Internet. WASCo allows clients to install and run arbitrary code on surrogates. Uses of WASCo include offloading energy-intensive operations from energy-constrained(More)
— There have been recent efforts [1, 2] to understand the mechanism causing tremors at rest in patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, from a control-systems perspective. From these efforts, it appears that one of the primary causes behind the tremors may be the increased sensorimotor loop delay in Parkinson's patients. This increased sensorimotor loop(More)
We are building a system that harnesses the idle resources (cpu, storage, and bandwidth) of nodes (e.g., home desktops) distributed across the Internet to build useful distributed services like content distribution or remote backup. Users are compensated in return for contributing their nodes' idle resources to the system. Collective managers bundle and(More)
Over the past two decades there has been remarkable progress in cancer diagnosis, treatment and screening. The basic mechanisms leading to pathogenesis of various types of cancers are also understood better and some patients, if diagnosed at a particular stage go on to lead a normal pre-diagnosis life. Despite these achievements, racial disparity in some(More)
—Parkinson's disease, an idiopathic and degenerative disorder of the central nervous system, is characterized by increased reaction times (by as much as 0.1 sec) in voluntary movements and often results in among other symptoms un-intended tremulous (oscillatory) motion of body parts not in action, termed as Parkinsonian tremor. There are however no(More)