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Resource-constrained embedded and mobile devices are becoming increasingly common. Cyber foraging, which allows such devices to offload computation to less resource-constrained surrogate machines, enables new and interesting applications for these devices. In this paper, we describe a surrogate infrastructure based on virtual machine technology that allows(More)
In Digital Watermarking a low energy signal is imperceptibly embedded in another signal. The low energy signal is called watermark. Earlier techniques based on spatial and frequency domain, had the problems of a poor fidelity especially with higher payloads of watermark image. Unsatisfactory value of Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) of watermarked image(More)
DNA looping mediated by the Lac repressor is an archetypal test case for modeling protein and DNA flexibility. Understanding looping is fundamental to quantitative descriptions of gene expression. Systematic analysis of LacI•DNA looping was carried out using a landscape of DNA constructs with lac operators bracketing an A-tract bend, produced by varying(More)
We are building a wide area surrogate computing platform , called WASCo, that allows users to dynamically locate, allocate, and exploit resources on surrogate computers spread around the Internet. WASCo allows clients to install and run arbitrary code on surrogates. Uses of WASCo include offloading energy-intensive operations from energy-constrained(More)
Digital Watermarking provides techniques to hide watermarks into digital content to protect it from illegal copy or reproduction. The prevalent techniques of digital watermarking in spatial domain cause the watermarked image to loose its image quality termed as Robustness and fidelity. Several techniques have been devised to optimize the Robustness and(More)
In this paper, we study the stability of an initially straight elastic fibril clamped at one end, while the other end is subjected to a constant normal compressive force and a prescribed shear displacement. We found the buckling load of a sheared fibril to be always less than the Euler buckling load. Furthermore, if the end of the fibril loses adhesion,(More)
The continuum-rod model has emerged as an efficient tool to describe the long-length-scale structural-deformations of DNA which are critical to understanding the nature of many biological processes such as gene expression. However, a significant challenge in continuum-mechanics-based modeling of DNA is to estimate its constitutive law, which follows from(More)
Water making is the process of embedding data called a watermark into a multimedia object such that watermark can be detected or extracted later to make an assertion about the object. Earlier techniques based on spatial and frequency domain had the problems of a poor fidelity especially with higher payloads of watermark image. Unsatisfactory value of Peak(More)