Sachin Gandhi

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BACKGROUND Steroids are anti-inflammatory agents commonly used to treat inflammatory bowel disease. Inflammation plays a critical role in the pathophysiology of both inflammatory bowel disease and acute coronary syndrome. We examined the relationship between steroid use in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and acute coronary syndrome. METHODS In(More)
It remains unclear whether advances in the understanding of the pathophysiology and improvements in cardiovascular imaging over the years have impacted the clinician's recognition of cardiac tamponade (CT). We sought to evaluate signs and symptoms of CT in a present-day population and compare it to a similar group from a decade prior. We performed a(More)
BACKGROUND The feasibility of hands-free transthoracic continuous ultrasonic cardiac imaging has not been demonstrated previously. We developed a 2.5-MHZ spherical transducer mounted in an external housing to permit steering in 360 degrees (CONTISON). The external housing was attached to the chest wall using an adhesive patch. METHODS AND RESULTS The(More)
OBJECTIVE Biocompatibility is a major issue for chronic neural implants, involving inflammatory and wound healing responses of neurons and glial cells. To enhance biocompatibility, we developed silicon-parylene hybrid neural probes with open architecture electrodes, microfluidic channels and a reservoir for drug delivery to suppress tissue responses. (More)
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