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Parallel and monolithic 3D-integration directions offer pathways to realize 3D integrated circuits but still lead to layer-by-layer implementations. This mindset causes challenging connectivity and alignment between layers when connected in 3D, with a routing access that can be even worse than 2D-CMOS, which fundamentally limits their potential. To fully(More)
Often modern cars have a collision avoidance system built into them known as Pre-Crash System, Forward Collision Warning System, or Collision Mitigation System in order to reduce the severity of a collision. But majority of vehicles on the road, especially heavy motor vehicles lack in such a system. In this paper, the implementation of the Collision(More)
Authorship detection techniques are critical in several applications to prevent malicious users from masquerading as a different individual and exploiting the benefits of the false identity. For example, a malicious user can potentially affect the sale of a product by posting fake reviews of the product in the guise of an accomplished reviewer on a(More)
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