Sachin Bermu Shetty

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Early diagnosis and aggressive therapy improves outcome in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Several potentially curative as well as palliative treatment options are available for patients. The choice of therapy is influenced by factors such as extent of tumor and severity of underlying liver dysfunction as well as availability of resources and of expertise.(More)
Acute adult supraglottitis can be a serious, life-threatening disease because of its potential for sudden upper airway obstruction. Symptoms and signs of this disease may be nonspecific and may resemble those of upper respiratory tract infection. Unexplained sore throat with tenderness of the anterior neck over the hyoid bone warrant careful examination by(More)
We report a case of ocular tuberculosis (TB) which initially presented with disc edema and was mistaken for optic neuritis. With no definite pathology being identified, the patient was treated on the lines of optic neuritis with intravenous (IV) steroid with beneficial effect. Ocular TB was suspected when he presented later with a subretinal abscess. Based(More)
Marfan syndrome is a variable, autosomal dominant disorder of connective tissue whose cardinal features affect the cardiovascular system, eyes and skeleton. The minimal birth incidence is around 1 in 9800. About three quarters of patients have an affected parent; new mutations account for the remainder. The patient's prognosis depends on the severity of(More)
BACKGROUND The term multifocal serpiginoid choroiditis (MSC) has been proposed for the infective variant of serpiginous choroiditis (SC) to distinguish it from typical SC believed to be autoimmune related. The role of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTb) in MSC has been studied by conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR). However, the use of real-time PCR(More)
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