Sachin B Kulkarni

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Nowadays, advancement in performance of proficient multifarious electrode materials lies conclusively at the core of research concerning energy storage devices. To accomplish superior capacitance performance the requirements of high capacity, better cyclic stability and good rate capability can be expected from integration of electrochemical double layer(More)
Chemical growth of mixed cobalt-nickel hydroxides (CoxNi1-x(OH)2), decorated on graphene foam (GF) with desirable three-dimensional (3D) interconnected porous structure as electrode and its potential energy storage application is discussed. The nanostructured CoxNi1-x(OH)2 films with different Ni:Co (x) compositions on GF are prepared by using the chemical(More)
Hyperspectral imaging is the procedure to gather and handle information across the electromagnetic spectrum. The fundamental objective of hyperspectral imaging is to achieve the spectrum for every pixel in the picture. The spectrum helps in computer vision, i.e., locating items, material detection or process discovery. This approach is constantly developing(More)
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