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— We present novel rateless codes that generalize and outperform LT codes (with respect to overall communication and computation complexity) when some input symbols are already available at the decoding host. This case can occur in data synchronization scenarios, or where feedback is provided or can be inferred from transmission channel models. We provide(More)
We describe a learning-based system that creates draft reports based on observation of people preparing such reports in a target domain (conference replanning). The reports (or briefings) are based on a mix of text and event data. The latter consist of task creation and completion actions, collected from a wide variety of sources within the target(More)
— Modern Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) ar-chitectures often use a wholesale data transfer protocol known as " slow sync " for synchronizing PDAs with Personal Computers (PCs). This approach is markedly inefficient, in terms of bandwidth usage and latency, since the PDA and PC typically share many common records. We propose, analyze , and implement a(More)
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