Sachin Agarwal

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The paper intends to describe a method of personalizing the agglomerated search results from various search engines according to the user interests by making use of the web browsing pattern of the user. The technique used classifies the results from the search engines into pre-defined categories (classes) and ranks the categories according to the user's(More)
This paper elucidates a practical solution to an Indian accented English text to speech synthesizing system. The paper covers the complete procedure to generate the speech signal of the text, in Indian accented voice. The technique described considers the various prosodic features that need to be incorporated into the synthesized speech to make it appear(More)
Automated identification of tasks in email messages can be very useful to busy email users. What constitutes a task varies across individuals and must be learned for each user. However, training data for this purpose tends to be scarce. This paper addresses the lack of training data using domain-specific semantic features in document representation for(More)
This paper aims at describing Carnival, a movie on demand system that provides Movie on demand service by implementing low cost storage architecture for movie storage server. Carnival uses personal computers with ordinary configuration, as movie storage servers. Since RAM will become a major bottleneck in such storage servers, hence optimization from the(More)
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