Sachiko Watanabe

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This study compared the pace of life in large cities from 31 countries around the world. Three indicators of pace of life were observed: average walking speed in downtown locations, the speed with which postal clerks completed a simple request (work speed), and the accuracy of public clocks. Overall, pace of life was fastest in Japan and the countries of(More)
BACKGROUND The usefulness of carperitide in patients with acute heart failure (AHF) has not been confirmed; carperitide is expensive, and thus, its routine use has not been shown to add much value in clinical settings. We analyzed the impact of carperitide usage on the outcome and cost of hospitalization in AHF patients. METHODS Data obtained from the(More)
OBJECTIVES Unwarranted geographic variation in spending has received intense scrutiny in the United States. However, few studies have compared variation in spending and surgical outcomes between the United States healthcare system and those of other nations. In this study, we compare the geographic variation in postsurgical outcomes and cost between the(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the rarity of this condition, clinical treatment and outcomes in isolated superior mesenteric artery dissection (ISMAD) patients remain unknown. The primary aim of this retrospective multicenter study was to elucidate the treatment strategies and in-hospital outcomes for ISMAD patients by using administrative data. METHODS We(More)
A 44-year-old Japanese woman presented with a 5-day history of dry cough, nausea and diarrhea. She also complained of chest pain, and headache for an hour prior to the arrival. Past medical history revealed one abortion but no coronary risk factors. On examination, she was in mild confusion (Glasgow Coma Scale of E4V5M6) and afebrile. The vital signs(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the use of colony-stimulating factors (CSFs) in patients with ovarian cancer who receive adjuvant paclitaxel and carboplatin chemotherapy in clinical practice and to assess whether the frequency of CSF use differs among hospitals in Japan. METHODS CSF use in patients with ovarian cancer who received first-line paclitaxel and(More)
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