Sachiko Shimizu

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OBJECTIVES Lugol-voiding lesions (LVLs), detected by chromoendoscopy using iodine dye in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (EC) or head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNC), are associated with a second primary carcinoma in the other organ. We undertook a cross-sectional and retrospective cohort study to assess the risk for second primary(More)
In recent years, the amount of children with sleep disorders that cause arousal during sleep or light sleep is increasing. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a cause of this sleep disorder; children with ADHD have frequent body movement during sleep. Therefore, we investigated the body movement during sleep of children with and without ADHD(More)
BACKGROUND The authors have previously demonstrated that propofol attenuates capacitative calcium entry (CCE) via the protein kinase C signaling pathway in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (PVSMCs). The current goals were to determine whether CCE exists in PVSMCs; to assess the roles of the protein kinase C, tyrosine kinase (TK), and rho-kinase(More)
In recent years, it is known that childhood behavioral disorders are related to sleep quality. Thus it is important to monitor the childhood sleep to monitor their normal develop. It is said that there is a tight relationship between sleep quality and body movements, especially gross body movements (GMs). Thus, this study focused on the relationship to(More)
AIM This study aims to investigate the association between daytime physical activity (PA) and sleep in pre-schoolers with or without autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). METHOD Thirty-one pre-school children with ASD and 16 age-matched controls were recruited. Sleep and PA patterns were measured with an Actiwatch for 7 days. After average PA values were(More)
We have developed new type tactile endoscope with silicone rubber membrane. The system consists of silicone rubber membrane, image sensor and illumination system. A surface of the Silicone rubber membrane has any patterns which made by nanotechnology. This pattern is deformed by pressing tissue such as cancer, colon and so on. The deformed pattern is(More)
The food additive polyvinylpolypyrrolidone is approved for use as a filter aid. The water-soluble substances test of polyvinylpolypyrrolidone often shows poor reproducibility. The instruction "boil gently while stirring using a stirrer" was considered critical, and so this issue was examined. The results showed that the use of a combination of both an oil(More)
This paper describes a prototype system of remote music therapy for elderly people with dementia using the latest communication technology in Japan. The system uses the latest high-speed optical network, called NGN (Next Generation Network) and the latest terminal especially for audio data communication called Hikari DUETTO NY1, which was released at the(More)
The goal of this study is to measure the impact of electronic medical records on both time efficiency and the work process with regard to outpatient care. In this study, we focus on examining the pre-assessment ahead of the introduction of the electronic medical records procedure applying new methodology, time process study. We extracted 12 use-cases and 82(More)
To maintain and uplift the motivation for doing exercise which is tend to be too simple in rehabilitation and ergotherapy, doing exercise with music is one of the good solutions. In this paper, we confirm that doing exercise with music is fun. Next, we design five types of musical features which relate to exercises. These features are evaluated by doing(More)