Sachiko Sakaida

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The mating system and protandrous sex change of the platycephalid fish Thysanophrys celebica were examined by collection and observation in the field and by use of aquarium experiments. Male–female pairs formed in the afternoon, and performed spawning behavior at night during the warmest season from July to early September. The pair bond was temporary, and(More)
It was recently suggested that beta-adrenergic receptor binding in the rat brain was decreased by repeated electric shocks. In order to examine whether this phenomenon is observed under another stressor, the activity-stress paradigm was used in the present study. Rats were divided into 3 groups of AS, DC and AC.AS was housed in a cage with a running wheel(More)
In view of the fact that antidepressant drugs have almost no effect on a normal person's emotion and behavior, it seems necessary to examine their effects on animal behavior under abnormal, or stressful conditions. When mice were put into a water wheel apparatus, they tried to escape from the water by turning the wheel. This "wheel-turning behavior" was(More)
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