Sachiko Nakamura

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Recently, we have disclosed that human KIAA1199 (hKIAA1199) is a hyaluronan (HA) binding protein implicated in HA depolymerization. Although a murine homologue (mKiaa1199) was previously cloned, no information about the function of the molecule was available. Here, we show that cells transfected with mKiaa1199 cDNA selectively catabolized HA via the(More)
The effect of anesthetizing with a 1:1 combination of tiletamine hydrochloride and zolazepam hydrochloride (TZ) was evaluated in 75 Japanese black bears. TZ was administered to 43 captive and 11 wild, 8 captives and 13 hibernating captive bears at the doses of approximately 9.0 mg/kg (usual dosage), 18.0 mg/kg (high dosage) and 5.0 mg/kg (low dosage),(More)
AIMS/INTRODUCTION Ezetimibe lowers serum lipid levels by inhibiting intestinal absorption of dietary and biliary cholesterol. However, the effect of ezetimibe on insulin resistance remains unclear. The aim of the present study was to examine this issue in patients with metabolic syndrome in local-dwelling Japanese, who were not being treated with(More)
Accumulation of visceral fat leads to metabolic syndrome and increases risks of cerebro-cardiovascular diseases, which should be recognized and improved at the early stage in general population. Accurate measurement of visceral fat area (VFA) is commonly performed by the abdominal cross-sectional image measured by computed tomography scan, which is,(More)
We investigated the relationship between augmentation index (AI) and smoking habits in community-dwelling Japanese.This cross-sectional study enrolled 1926 subjects (769 males and 1157 females) aged 40 to 95 years who underwent a health check-up in a Japanese cohort of the Seven Countries Study, in Tanushimaru, a typical farming town in Kyushu Island in(More)
Objective There is little long-term data on the association between the serum albumin levels and mortality in community-based populations. We aimed to determine whether the serum albumin level is an independent risk factor for all-cause and cause-specific death in a community-based cohort study in Japan. Methods In 1999, we performed a periodic(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory and hemostatic biomarkers are significant indicators of prognosis. We investigated whether circulating inflammatory and hemostatic biomarkers were predictive markers for all-cause death and cancer death in a population of community-dwelling Japanese. METHODS We studied 1,920 healthy(More)
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