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Mycoplasma is a genus of bacterial pathogen that causes disease in vertebrates. In humans, the species Mycoplasma pneumoniae causes 15% or more of community-acquired pneumonia. Because this bacterium is tiny, corresponding in size to a large virus, diagnosis using optical microscopy is not easy. In current methods, chest X-rays are usually the first action,(More)
HLA-G is a natural tolerogenic molecule and has the following unique features: seven isoforms (HLA-G1 to HLA-G7), formation of disulfide-linked homodimers, and β2-microglobulin (β2m)-free forms. Interestingly, individuals null for the major isoform, HLA-G1, are healthy and expressed the α2 domain-deleted isoform, HLA-G2, which presumably compensates for(More)
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