Sabyasachi Maiti

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The most common and preferred route of drug administration is through the oral route. Orodispersible tablets are gaining importance among novel oral drug-delivery system as they have improved patient compliance and have some additional advantages compared to other oral formulation. They are also solid unit dosage forms, which disintegrate in the mouth(More)
In this study, xanthan gum-facilitated ethyl cellulose microsponges were prepared by the double emulsification technique and subsequently dispersed in a carbopol gel base for controlled delivery of diclofenac sodium to the skin. Scanning electron microscopy revealed the porous, spherical nature of the microsponges. Increase in the drug/polymer ratio (0.4:1,(More)
Microsponges are polymeric delivery systems composed of porous microspheres. They are tiny sponge-like spherical particles with a large porous surface. Moreover, they may enhance stability, reduce side effects and modify drug release favorably. Microsponge technology has many favorable characteristics, which make it a versatile drug delivery vehicle.(More)
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