Saburo Matunaga

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There have been many researches on capturing and berthing the damaged satellites in space, and such systems are categorized as the reconfigurable multibody system whose constraint conditions are time varying. On the other hand the theory for reconfigurable multibody dynamics is not well developed. There are many technical issues such as dynamics algorithm(More)
A PDA-controlled picosatellite, named Cute-1.7, is being developed at Laboratory for Space Systems, Tokyo Institute of Technology and looking for a launch opportunity in 2005. PDAs, short for Personal Digital Assistants, and their peripheral devices are used as the primary computer and its interfaces in the satellite. The design of the satellite is based on(More)
We have developed the system of "Reconfigurable Brachiating Space Robot (RBR)". This space robot is designed based upon the modularized design, the cable reduction and the distributed control technique. This robot is capable of moving over the “KIBO” (Japanese Experimental Module) of the International Space Station in a brachiating manner and also capable(More)