Saburo Matsukura

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Abnormal digestion and absorption in intestinal obstruction have been investigated in patients as well as in labolatory animals. Animals used for the present study were 20 dogs, 30 rabbits and 30 rats totalling 80 in number. Digestive and absorptive function was determined in animals 48 hours af ter complete experimental obstruction of the intestine or 4 ~(More)
From the clinical and exper imenta l resul ts on the cause of the acute intes t inal obstruct ion and the microorganisms in the intest ine, the authors reported that E. coil group of bacilli remarkabely increased and the bacter ial components , l ipo-polysaccharide endotoxin l iberated into the blood and at las t caused death because of the high grade of c(More)
Powder X-ray diffractometer char t s of 7 crit ical gal ls tones are shown in F igure 1, where some differences between cholesterol stone and calcium bi l i rubinate stone are confirmed at 20 in 14.9 ~ 15.5 ~ 17 ~ and 23.1 ~ Hydrous cholesterol stone associated by cholesterol shows a spli t t ing peak a t 20 in 14.6 ~ and 14.9, where the fo rmer peak is s t(More)
Follow up resu l t s of 45 pat ients in th i s series have been presented. All 5 pa t ien ts wi th heredi tary spherocytosis and acquired hemolytic anemia were cured and gained in good heal th . Two cases wi th idiopathic thrombocytpenic purpura obtained only remission. Results of splenectomy in 4 cases of congestive splenomegaly due to cirrhosis oi the l(More)
gallstone. (III) On cholecystitis cases without gallstone: Cure rate was as follows; "exce l l en t " 45%, " g o o d " 38.2%, " f a i r " 14.9%, and " p o o r " 1.9%. In cases with severe pathological findings the rate was as follows; "exce l l en t " 66.7%, " g o o d " 23.8%, " f a i r " 9.5%, and " p o o r " 0%, and in ones with moderate pathological(More)
In this paper, the resul t s of clinical and exper imenta l observat ions concerning the steroid induced ulcer, are presented. The incidence of the s teroid induced ulcer in the pat ients wi th var ious disease t rea ted in our clinic wi th cort icosteroids, was 2.4%. The incidence of ulcer in all was 2.8%. No difference was found in the incidence of ulcer(More)
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