Sabuj Kumar Kundu

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In many applications of ad-hoc wireless networks, one often has to broadcast the same message to all nodes. The major goal of any broadcasting algorithm is to minimize the number of retransmissions, i.e., to accomplish the goal with the minimum amount of traffic in the network. In addition to reducing the bandwidth expense needed to convey the message to(More)
Synthesis and characterization of new (PONOP) [2,6-bis(di-tert-butylphosphinito)pyridine] metal (Ni, Pd, Pt) complexes are reported. Surprisingly, these compounds [(PONOP)MCl]Cl in the presence of 1 equiv of superhydride (LiEt(3)BH) formed a new class of complexes (H-PONOP)MCl, in which the pyridine ring in the PONOP ligand lost its aromaticity as a result(More)
Carbon-fluorine bonds are the strongest known single bonds to carbon and as a consequence can prove very hard to cleave. Alhough vinyl and aryl C-F bonds can undergo oxidative addition to transition metal complexes, this reaction has appeared inoperable with aliphatic substrates. We report the addition of C(sp(3))-F bonds (including alkyl-F) to an iridium(More)
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