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An Introduction to Knowledge Management
An overview of Knowledge Management and various aspects of secure knowledge management is presented and a case study of knowledge management activities at Tata Steel is discussed. Expand
Information Hiding Techniques: A Tutorial Review
An overview of various information hiding techniques such as steganography/ watermarking is presented along with techniques that were used to hide information, and text, image and audio based information hide techniques are discussed. Expand
A Review on P2P Video Streaming
An overview of P2P based Video-on-Demand and live streaming services and various solutions offering video streaming in the context of widespread usage of Internet are discussed. Expand
Fault-resilient localization for underwater sensor networks
This work proposes a fault-resilient localization scheme, which provides good localization accuracy with minimal communication overhead and is well suited for medium-range UWSNs. Expand
Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics
Globalization tends to be most perceptible and observable in almost every facet of life mainly due to the emergence of new digital technologies of computing and communications. At the same time,Expand
Advances in Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems
We describe ‘Tidzam’, an application of deep learning that leverages a dense, multimodal sensor network installed at a large wetland restoration performed at Tidmarsh, a 600-acre formerExpand
Security, Privacy, and Anonymity in Computation, Communication, and Storage
A lightweight authentication protocol based on Hash function and the randomization of the tag’s identifier that can prevent eavesdropping, tracing, replay and de-synchronize attack and is very suitable to the low-cost RFID system. Expand
Introduction to Distributed Systems
An overview of distributed computing systems is provided, ranging from simplistic data sharing to advanced systems supporting a multitude of services, and discusses client/server computing, World Wide Web and types of distributed systems. Expand
Survey of Search and Replication Schemes in Unstructured P2p Networks
This paper provides a comprehensive survey of various state-of-the-art search and replication schemes for unstructured P2P networks. Expand