Sabrina Zellmer

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Robots made from soft materials have recently captured the interest of researchers from a range of fields including engineers, material scientists, and chemists, biologists, and computer scientists. This new paradigm of soft robotics aims to develop more adaptable, more capable and safer robots that can interact with unstructured environments or permit(More)
The design of hierarchically structured nano- and microparticles of different sizes, porosities, surface areas, compositions, and internal structures from nanoparticle building blocks is important for new or enhanced application properties of high-quality products in a variety of industries. Spray-drying processes are well-suited for the design of(More)
Spray drying processes were utilized for the production of hierarchical materials with defined structures. The structure formation during the spray drying process and the micromechanical properties of the obtained aggregates depend on the particle-particle interactions, the primary particle size and morphology as well as the process parameters of the spray(More)
Current trends in bioinspired robotic systems are paving the way for robots to enter our daily lives. Soft robotics, which is widely believed to yield new `species' of robots that are more adaptable, more capable, and safer, is such a trend. For all their advantages, the loads these current robot designs can bear and the forces they can produce are still(More)
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