Sabrina Verardi

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Most studies about the higher-order dimensions to be considered in order to parsimoniously describe Personality Disorders (PDs) have identified between two and four factors but there is still no consensus about their exact number. In this context, the cultural stability of these structures might be a criterion to be considered. The aim of this study was to(More)
With the improvement of dialysis therapy and subsequent increase in the average lifespan of uremic patients more interest has been directed towards neurological complications induced by chronic renal failure. Twelve uremic patients were selected on the basis of negative neurological and psychiatric examinations. Electroencephalogram, pattern visual evoked(More)
When conducting research in different cultural settings, assessing measurement equivalence is of prime importance to determine if constructs and scores can be compared across groups. Structural equivalence implies that constructs have the same meaning across groups, metric equivalence implies that the metric of the scales remains stable across groups, and(More)
Recently, the tendency of companies to adopt a PLM (product lifecycle management) strategy is increasing and asks for guidelines and reference frameworks to which screen the own organizational situation and drive improvements. Several scholars and managers have argued about PLM using a business and a technological view. Based on the need of Finmeccanica(More)
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