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BACKGROUND Understanding long-term disability in multiple sclerosis (MS) is a key goal of research; it is relevant to how we monitor and treat the disease. OBJECTIVES The Magnetic Imaging in MS (MAGNIMS) collaborative group sought to determine the relationship of brain lesion load, and brain and spinal cord atrophy, with physical disability in patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the long-term efficacy and safety of ropinirole with bromocriptine over 3 years in patients with early PD with limited or no previous dopaminergic therapy. METHODS In this prospective, double-blind, parallel-group study, 335 patients were randomized to 0.75 mg ropinirole or 1.25 mg bromocriptine titrated upward at weekly(More)
OBJECTIVE Multiple Sclerosis in southern Italy was not epidemiologically studied until 2006 in Salerno (Campania region), with data based on the registry of district MS centers established since 1996 by Italian Ministry of Health. This paper reports data about Molise region by the same metodology as Campanian study. PATIENTS AND METHODS The registry of MS(More)
Functionally distinct T-helper (Th) subsets orchestrate immune responses. Maintenance of homeostasis through the tight control of inflammatory Th cells is crucial to avoid autoimmune inflammation. Activation-Induced Cell Death (AICD) regulates homeostasis of T cells, and it has never been investigated in human Th cells. We generated stable clones of(More)
In this paper we examined whether defenders of victims of school bullying befriended similar peers, and whether the similarity is due to selection or influence processes or both. We examined whether these processes result in different degrees-efficacy and the school climate. We analyzed longitudinal data of 478 Swiss school students employing actor-based(More)
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