Sabrina Rivero

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We report that microtubule (MT) nucleation at the Golgi apparatus requires AKAP450, a centrosomal gamma-TuRC-interacting protein that also forms a distinct network associated with the Golgi. Depletion of AKAP450 abolished MT nucleation at the Golgi, whereas depletion of the cis-Golgi protein GM130 led to the disorganisation of AKAP450 network and impairment(More)
The Golgi apparatus in mammals appears as a ribbon made up of interconnected stacks of flattened cisternae that is positioned close to the centrosome in a microtubule-dependent manner. How this organisation is achieved and retained is not well understood. GMAP210 is a long coiled-coil cis-Golgi associated protein that plays a role in maintaining Golgi(More)
The LSD1-CoREST histone demethylase complex is required to repress neuronal genes in nonneuronal tissues. Here we show that sumoylation of Braf35, one of the subunits of the complex, is required to maintain full repression of neuron-specific genes and for occupancy of the LSD1-CoREST complex at its gene targets. Interestingly, expression of Braf35 was(More)
HMG20A is a high mobility group (HMG) domain containing protein homologous to HMG20B, a core subunit of the Lys-specific demethylase 1/REST co-repressor 1 (LSD1-CoREST) histone demethylase complex. Here, we show that HMG20A can replace HMG20B and, therefore, they are mutually exclusive subunits of the complex. Both proteins interact through a coiled-coil(More)
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