Sabrina Perez

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Spam is usually sent in bulk. A bulk mailing consists of many copies of the same original spam message, each sent to a different recipient. The copies are usually obfuscated, i.e. modified a bit in order to look different from each other. In collaborative spam filtering it is important to determine which emails belong to the same bulk. This allows, after(More)
A well-known approach for collaborative spam filtering is to determine which emails belong to the same bulk, e.g. by exploiting their content similarity. This allows, after observing an initial portion of a bulk, for the bulkiness scores to be assigned to the remaining emails from the same bulk. This also allows the individual evidence of spamminess to be(More)
Resident Advisors (RAs) have a significant hand in helping students adjust and thrive in college life. Given the importance of selecting high-performing RAs, this study sought to examine how well various measures of intelligence (e.g., general, emotional) as well as personality and additional “internal belief” characteristics predict performance in the RA(More)
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