Sabrina Paoletti

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BACKGROUND Oxidative stress is prevalent in dialysis patients and has been implicated in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease and anemia. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that plays a(More)
BACKGROUND Statins reduce lipid levels, inflammation and cardiovascular events in patients with coronary artery disease; CKD patients show increased risk of cardiovascular and increased plasma levels(More)
BACKGROUND HFR [double chamber haemodiafiltration (HDF) with reinfusion of regenerated ultrafiltrate] is a novel dialytic method which combines the processes of diffusion, convection and adsorbance.(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years percutaneous native kidney biopsy (PNKB) has become of very common use and safe enough for the patient if performed by skilled physicians; nevertheless, haemorrhagic(More)
BACKGROUND We tested the hypothesis that soluble CD40 ligand (sCD40L), a biomarker of proatherogenic inflammation, may be predictive of cardiovascular (CV) events in a subgroup of patients from the(More)