Sabrina Moreira de Oliveira

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This paper addresses an architecture for solving the dynamic vehicle routing problem with time windows(DVRPTW) and capacitated fleet using the ant colony system(ACS) metaheuristic. All customers are known in advance,but their demands take place at any instant within a time horizon. The architecture has been developed to run in a centralized fashion, having(More)
In this paper, we present a framework, based on parallel cooperative approach and concepts of Multi-agent Systems, for solving the Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows. We propose an effective way of applying metaheuristics as agents, as autonomous as possible. The framework proposed here creates an environment where interactions between(More)
This article address a Multiagent Metaheuristic Optimization Framework. In this proposal, each agent acts independently in the search space of a combinatorial optimization problem. The Framework allows the simultaneous execution of various agents, in a cooperative way. The coalition concept of cooperation is adopted. The agents have auto-learning abilities,(More)
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