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Autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease (AD-PKD) is common in Persians and Persians-related breeds. The aims of this study were to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of early ultrasound examination and to compare ultrasound and genetic testing for early diagnosis. Sixty-three Persians and seven Exotic Shorthairs were considered. All underwent(More)
Maxillary incisor pseudo-odontomas are common in pet prairie dogs and can cause progressive respiratory obstruction, while mandibular pseudo-odontomas are rarely clinically significant. The aim of this retrospective cross-sectional study was to describe CT features of maxillary and mandibular incisor pseudo-odontomas vs. normal incisors in a group of pet(More)
A radiographical study of a cat mummy from the Egyptian collection of the National Archeological Museum in Parma, Italy was carried out in order to evaluate the content and to describe how cats were wrapped and mummified. The mummy contained the complete skeleton of a 4-5-month-old cat. Radiology revealed the position of the cat's body; it was wrapped to(More)
The purpose of this paper is to characterize the sonographic and radiographic features of hemipenes in male snakes and to use these features for gender determination. The sonographic and radiographic examination of 17 male and 10 female snakes, whose gender was determined previously by probing, were evaluated by one examiner who was unaware of the gender.(More)
A 12-year-old female dog with a 3-month history of poor response to diabetes treatment had an acute worsening of symptoms, including weakness and blindness. The dog had elevated blood glucose, alkaline phosphatase and urea concentration, hyposthenuria, glycosuria, hematuria, and pyuria. Escherichia coli was isolated from the urine. Radiographs and(More)
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is one of the most common genetic diseases in cats. It has been widely described in Persians and Persian-related cats and sporadically in other breeds. The purpose of the present paper is to describe the first reported case of PKD in a 12-year-old female Chartreux cat. The cat was referred with polyuria and polydipsia and(More)
A 13-year-old spayed female German shepherd dog was presented for acute onset of lethargy, anorexia, and disseminated erythematous skin lesions. Thoracic radiographs and abdominal ultrasonographic findings were consistent with metastatic hemangiosarcoma. Multiple, ill-defined, irregularly shaped hypoechoic nodules were also detected within the thoracic and(More)
A 7-year-old dog was presented with a history of an open lesion on the right thoracic wall, discharging honey-like fluid and small stones. Ultrasonography and computed tomographic fistulography identified a cholecystocutaneous fistula; cholecystectomy was curative. Veterinarians should consider this disease in patients with long-term discharging lesions on(More)
Gender determination is frequently requested by reptile breeders, especially for species with poor or absent sexual dimorphism. The aims of the current study were to describe techniques and diagnostic sensitivities of ultrasound, radiography, and computed tomography for gender determination (identification of hemipenes) in four species of lizards. Nineteen(More)
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