Sabrina Müller

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The handover from WiFi to mobile networks is known to lead to TCP connection drops due to changing IP addresses. Multipath TCP (MPTCP), a recent TCP extension, enables a transparent mobile handover by combining subflows on multiple interfaces, such as WiFi and LTE, to one logical connection. MPTCP provides multiple handover modes, which differ in their(More)
The tracheal epithelium prevents via its highly effective clearance mechanism the contamination of the lower airways by pathogens. This mechanism is driven by ciliary bearing cells which are not only in contact with the gas phase; in addition they are also influenced by inflammatory mediators. These mediators can alter the protective function of the(More)
Staphylococcus aureus is a leading cause of skin and soft-tissue infections worldwide. Mice are the most commonly used animals for modeling human staphylococcal infections. However a supra-physiologic S. aureus inoculum is required to establish gross murine skin pathology. Moreover, many staphylococcal factors, including Panton-Valentine leukocidin (PVL)(More)
Video streaming constitutes the dominant portion of today's traffic on the Internet and will grow in the coming years. In order to provide for a low cost distribution of bulky video content, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) approaches are a viable way to cut down server bandwidth cost by utilizing user's upstream bandwidth to redistribute data. However, users need an(More)
Content caching in small base stations or wireless infostations is considered to be a suitable approach to improve the efficiency in wireless content delivery. Placing the optimal content into local caches is crucial due to storage limitations, but it requires knowledge about the content popularity distribution, which is often not available in advance.(More)
—Computation offloading is an upcoming approach to increase battery life of mobile devices overburdened by resource-consuming applications. In multi-hop networks, computation offloading poses new challenges since intermediate devices are required to relay tasks of others along the path to the server. The decision of a device about whether to offload or not(More)
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