Sabrina Krueger

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The relative importance of regulation at the mRNA versus protein level is subject to ongoing debate. To address this question in a dynamic system, we mapped proteomic and transcriptomic changes in mammalian cells responding to stress induced by dithiothreitol over 30 h. Specifically, we estimated the kinetic parameters for the synthesis and degradation of(More)
  • Franco-German Ministerial Council, Jézabel Couppey-Soubeyran, +38 authors Vi
  • 1997
PREFACE 1. The CAE and GCEE have fulfilled this request by preparing a report on " Monitoring economic performance, quality of life and sustainability ". It discusses how comprehensiveness and accuracy of an indicator set might be traded off optimally with parsimony and cost to provide a reliable basis for regular, timely and digestible reporting on three(More)
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