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We present a tool for mobile browsing and annotation tailored for endoscopic videos. Professional users can utilize this tablet app for patients debriefings or educational purposes. It supports text input, free-hand and shape drawing as well as angle measurements, e.g. for comparing instrument orientation. It is possible to annotate single frames as well as(More)
In the domain of medical endoscopy an increasing number of surgeons nowadays store video recordings of their interventions in a huge video archive. Among some other purposes, the videos are used for post-hoc surgical quality assessment, since objective assessment of surgical procedures has been identified as essential component for improvement of surgical(More)
Given a large-scale video archive of surgical interventions and a medical image showing a specific moment of an operation, how to find the most image-related videos efficiently without the utilization of additional semantic characteristics? In this paper, we investigate a novel content-based approach of linking medical images with relevant video segments(More)
We present a browser for endoscopic videos that is designed to easily navigate and compare scenes on a tablet. It utilizes frame stripes of different levels of detail to quickly switch between fast and detailed navigation. Moreover, it uses saliency methods to determine which areas of a given keyframe contain the most information to further improve the(More)
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