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BACKGROUND Portal hypertension leads to the formation of portosystemic collateral veins in liver cirrhosis. The resulting shunting is responsible for the development of portosystemic encephalopathy. Although ammonia plays a certain role in determining portosystemic encephalopathy, the venous ammonia level has not been found to correlate with the presence or(More)
AIM To estimate the prevalence of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) among patients with an earlier diagnosis of irritable bowel disease (IBS) in our geographical area, and to collect information on the use of locally acting non-absorbable antibiotics in the management of SIBO. METHODS A non-interventional study was conducted in 73 consecutive(More)
The incidence of UC shows a double peak in many epidemiological experiences: the first one between 20 and 40 year olds and the second one over 50–60 year olds, mainly in male patients.1 Many factors are considered “trigger events” for the onset of UC like the condition of ex-smoker.2 It was therefore suggested that the second peak of incidence of UC was(More)
The Authors report a case of subtotal colectomy for splenic flexure adenocarcinoma in a gastro-resected patient bearing a transverse colostomy. They underline the considerable technical difficulties encountered during dissection because of multiple adhesions related to the previous operations (gastrojejunostomy and transverse colostomy). In fact, a gastric(More)