Sabrina Gasverde

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BACKGROUND Craniopharyngiomas are epithelial tumors of the suprasellar region, unanimously defined as benign. Despite the benign histological aspect and apparent gross total resection achieved in a proportion of cases, recurrence rate remains about 30% at 10 years. The role of 7 pathological factors as predictors of recurrence and clinical outcome in(More)
In adult medulloblastoma, postoperative radiotherapy is significantly effective in prolonging time to recurrence and survival time; however, the response of individual cases to radiotherapy, that is the total survival, is different. Apoptosis is an important cellular response to radiation. It can be hypothesized that the individual radiosensitivity of(More)
Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is characterised by the triad of complex visual hallucinations, ocular pathology causing visual deterioration and preserved cognitive status. We report a case of a 62–year–old man with a brief history of visual hallucinations. The patient complained of amaurosis with optic nerve atrophy in his left eye and a severe impairment(More)
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