Sabrina Dietl

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After the Chernobyl accident a statistically significant increase in the number of children with thyroid tumours was observed. In this study 166 children with and 75 without thyroid tumours were analysed for micronucleus formation in peripheral blood lymphocytes using the cytochalasin B approach. The following factors did not significantly affect(More)
BACKGROUND Electrical Impedance measurements can be used to estimate the content of intra-thoracic air and thereby give information on pulmonary ventilation. Conventional Impedance measurements mainly indicate relative changes, but no information concerning air-volume is given. The study was performed to test whether a 3-point-calibration with known tidal(More)
Invasive procedures in children are in most cases elective and are carried out in otherwise healthy children. While many surgeries are still performed in a hospital, more and more procedures are defined as "outpatient procedures," leading to increased discussion about safety and risks. This review will examine common practices, review the sparse literature(More)
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