Sabrina Boubiche

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Data aggregation processes aim to reduce the amount of exchanged data in wireless sensor networks and consequently minimize the packet overhead and optimize energy efficiency. Securing the data aggregation process is a real challenge since the aggregation nodes must access the relayed data to apply the aggregation functions. The data aggregation security(More)
WSNs consist of large number of small sensors densely deployed to monitor a phenomenon. Most of the data generated from the WSNs represent events happening at time intervals. Sometimes and according to the nature of the applications, this data stream is continuous and can reach high speeds. Therefore, adopting new techniques, platforms and tools to deal(More)
Data aggregation has emerged as a basic concept in wireless sensor networks. By combining data and eliminating redundancy, this concept showed its effectiveness in terms of reducing resources consumption. The data aggregation problem is not new and has been widely studied in wireless sensor networks. However, most of the proposed solutions are based on a(More)
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