Sabrina Bleich

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UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Traumatization in childhood can result in lifelong health impairment and may have a negative impact on other areas of life such as education, social contacts and employment as well. Despite the frequent occurrence of traumatization, which is reflected in a 14.5 percent prevalence rate of severe child abuse and neglect, the economic(More)
Facing a stochastic market wage, which is independent of their own hiring policy, employers offer contracts specifying fixed wage, revenue share and employment duration. In ongoing employment relations it depends on the treatment whether fixed wages can be only increased or also decreased. Will the uncertainty of the future market wage and less wage(More)
New legislation in the financing of psychiatric hospitals in Germany stipulates the introduction of a new reimbursement system for psychiatric child and adolescent psychiatric and psychosomatic hospitals in Germany by 2013. In several steps norms are to be empirically defined and services to be documented, and the current per diem system of hospital charges(More)
If the future market wage is uncertain, engaging in long–term employment is risky, with the risk depending on how regulated the labor market is. In our experiment long– term employment can result either from offering long–term contracts or from repeatedly and mutually opting for rematching. Treatments differ in how regulations restrict the employer’s(More)
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