Sabrina Blackwell

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The spans of apprehension of learning-disabled and normal boys were compared by means of a forced-choice letter-recognition task involving tachistoscopic exposures of letter displays. This task provides an estimate of the span that is relatively insensitive to memory or motivational influences. In Experiment 1, the spans of learning-disabled and normal boys(More)
A very common defect observed during TiO 2 deposition, an O ad-atom on the rutile surface, above a 5-fold coordinated Ti atom. Following the recent award of the annual IoP Computational Physics Group PhD Prize for thesis submissions in 2012, the feature articles for the next two editions of the newsletter will be invited contributions from both our winner,(More)
Compared migraine headache suffers and matched normal controls on the Zung Depression Inventory, Eysenck Personality Inventory, Spielberger Trait Anxiety Inventory, Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale and the Health Locus of Control. In addition Ss viewed a film of a subincision ceremony and completed a post-film questionnaire. Migraineurs scored significantly(More)
Denton and McIntyre (1978), using a forced-choice letter-recognition procedure, demonstrated increasing reductions in the spans of apprehension of hyperactive as compared to normal boys when a signal letter was embedded within an increasing number of noise letters. In the present study, the effect of variations in the amount of physical signal-noise(More)
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