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Syndesmotic stability in ankle fractures is usually assessed intraoperatively by pulling on the fibula with a bone hook in the coronal plane ("Hook Test"). Our clinical observations have suggested that instability may be more marked in the sagittal plane. Our aim was to compare movement at the tibio-fibular syndesmosis in the sagittal and coronal planes(More)
A locally validated tool was needed to evaluate long-term dietary intake in rural Bangladesh. We assessed the validity of a 42-item dish-based semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) using two 3-day food diaries (FDs). We selected a random subset of 47 families (190 participants) from a longitudinal arsenic biomonitoring study in Bangladesh to(More)
Many factors put Mongolians at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Despite low levels observed in Mongolian children and pregnant women, there are few data published on the vitamin D status of non-pregnant adults. Between summer 2011 and winter 2013, paired summer and winter blood samples were collected from 320 healthy men and women (20-58 years) living in eight(More)
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