Sabra Dinerstein

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We have reported a rare case of vertebral sarcoidosis, clinically manifested by myalgia and bone pain, and therapeutically responsive to glucocorticoid therapy. Although technetium polyphosphate bone scanning revealed diffuse uptake in the spinal column, conventional x-ray films were normal. Computerized axial tomography (CAT) of the lumbar spine revealed(More)
Rule-based deduplication utilizes expert domain knowledge to identify and remove duplicate data records. Achieving high accuracy in a rule-based system requires the creation of rules containing a good combination of discriminatory clues. Unfortunately, accurate rule-based deduplication often requires significant manual tuning of both the rules and the(More)
Existing learning-based multi-modal biometric fusion techniques typically employ a single static Support Vector Machine (SVM). This type of fusion improves the accuracy of biometric classification, but it also has serious limitations because it is based on the assumptions that the set of biometric classifiers to be fused is local, static, and complete. We(More)
A major challenge in performing pattern recognition with neural networks is large input data sets; for example, high-resolution static images. There is a direct relationship between the number of inputs and the number of neurons and links required to process those inputs. Specifically, as the number of inputs increases linearly, the complexity of the neural(More)
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