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The DSRC standard gives the provision to process messages in XML format instead of the default binary encoding scheme. Although, use of XML encoding provides flexibility, it also introduces bandwidth communication overhead since the message size will increase and end to end communication delay since processing time will also increase. There are many(More)
The Fuzzy hybridization technique for intelligent systems have become of research interests in a variety of research areas over the past decade. There are limitations faced by all popular fuzzy systems architectures when they are applied to applications with a large number of inputs (more than three). The present paper proposes a novel adaptive fuzzy(More)
Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has not been effectively utilized in data mining because of its " black box " nature. This issue was resolved by using the Artificial Neural Network Tree (ANNT) approach in the authors' earlier works. The ANNT approach derives symbolic knowledge (rules) to provide some explanation of how the classification or prediction of(More)
This paper portrays the benefits of a location based service framework application deployed in Melaka urban area is a world known tourist destination for its long history and valuables remnants of historical importance, diverse cultures and multi exotic and traditional cuisines where it has charmed millions of visitors since its founding in the 15th(More)
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