Sabine von Mutius

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There is experimental evidence that the bimodally distributed ventricular arrhythmias (phases Ia and Ib) during the first 30 min after coronary occlusion (CO) in dogs are not due to the same mechanism. In 39 dogs we related the incidence of phases Ia and Ib to the time courses of excitation thresholds (ET), refractoriness (REFR), conduction times (CT) and(More)
Coronary collateral blood flow and its changes during the first 30 min of acute coronary artery occlusion were studied in 34 anesthetized dogs to clarify its influence on the vulnerability of the heart in this first arrhythmic phase. Collateral flow was determined with 9-μm tracer microspheres (TM) injected at 1, 10 and 30 min after acute proximal occlusion(More)
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