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Failure mode transition at high rates of shear loading
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Large deletions and point mutations involving the dedicator of cytokinesis 8 (DOCK8) in the autosomal-recessive form of hyper-IgE syndrome.
BACKGROUND The genetic etiologies of the hyper-IgE syndromes are diverse. Approximately 60% to 70% of patients with hyper-IgE syndrome have dominant mutations in STAT3, and a single patient wasExpand
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Familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is associated with a mutation in D-amino acid oxidase
We report a unique mutation in the D-amino acid oxidase gene (R199W DAO) associated with classical adult onset familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (FALS) in a three generational FALS kindred,Expand
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Electrophysiological correlates of direct versus indirect semantic priming in normal volunteers.
The N400 component of event related potentials (ERP) was studied in 27 right-handed healthy subjects in a speeded lexical decision task. The semantic distance between primes (always words) andExpand
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Aliasing and groundness analysis of logic programs through abstract interpretation and its safety
This paper describes a safe method, which derives aliasing and groundness properties of logic programs (with equality). The abstract domain bases on the one proposed in Jacobs,Langen89], which hasExpand
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Gadolinium-based contrast media compared with iodinated media for digital subtraction angiography in azotaemic patients.
BACKGROUND To determine whether gadolinium-based contrast media (CM) could be used safely for angiographies in patients with renal dysfunction we investigated renal function after gadobutrol exposureExpand
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Ereigniskorrelierte Potentiale bei semantischen Sprachverarbeitungsprozessen schizophrener Patienten
ZusammenfassungEreigniskorrelierte Potentiale (EKP) erlauben die zeitlich hochauflösende Darstellung mentaler Informationsverarbeitungsprozesse. Die Methode wird seit ca. 15 Jahren zur UntersuchungExpand
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[Event-related potentials in semantic speech processing by schizophrenic patients].
Event-related potentials (ERPs) can be used for high-resolution mental chronometry. For about 15 years, this method has been applied to the study of linguistic phenomena. Semantic incongruencyExpand
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Left lateralized P300 amplitude deficit in schizophrenic patients depends on pitch disparity
The general reduction of P300 amplitude in response to auditory oddball stimuli is one of the most consistently replicated biological observations in schizophrenic patients. Several groups haveExpand
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Exchange of extracellular domains of CCR1 and CCR5 reveals confined functions in CCL5-mediated cell recruitment.
The chemokine CCL5 recruits monocytes into inflamed tissues by triggering primarily CCR1-mediated arrest on endothelial cells, whereas subsequent spreading is dominated by CCR5. The CCL5-inducedExpand
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